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The number of deaths as a result of motorcycle accidents continues to rise. The most recent data from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicates that in 2003, 3,592 motorcyclists were killed; an increase of almost 11% over the previous year. The highest rise in motorcycle deaths are individuals under 20 and over 50 years old. Motorcycle injuries topped 64,000, a decrease of 1,000 compared to the previous year (after rising for five straight years from 1998-2002).
There are some things you can do to avoid becoming a motorcycle accident statistic. Here are some useful safety tips from NYS Department of Motor Vehicles Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee:

  • Learn. More than 90% of riders involved in accidents had no formal training. Take a Motorcycle Rider Course to develop good basic riding techniques. See our links to information on prevention of motorcycle accidents.
  • Get licensed. Nearly half of all motorcycle riders involved in accidents are unlicensed or improperly licensed.
  • Prepare. Wear appropriate gear for comfort and protection. Read about motorcycle head injuries.
  • Be seen.Fatigue and drowsiness can impair a motorcyclist’s ability to react
  • Plan. When riding in groups determine your route in advance and coordinate it with the other riders.
  • Inspect. Conduct a safety inspection of your motorcycle before each ride.
  • Ride Sober. Alcohol and other drugs affect judgment and do not mix with motorcycling.
  • Obey the law. Don’t speed and know the local traffic laws.
  • Be Courteous. Be considerate on the road. Show courtesy and respect to other drivers.
  • Improve. Take an experienced rider course to sharpen your street-riding strategies and accident-avoidance skills.

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