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If you’re like most people, this is your first car accident. You want to know that your rights are protected and that you’re treated fairly. We understand. At Gobena and Associates, our car accident lawyers have helped hundreds of people deal with the physical, financial, and emotional effects of car accidents throughout Minnesota.
If you would like to speak with one of our car accident lawyers, contact us for a free consultation. For personal injury cases, no payment is required unless we win your case. You can reach us toll-free at 651-641-0931, or email us at

Tips from Our Car Accident Lawyers

If you’ve just been involved in a car accident, here are some important things to consider:

Plan ahead

  • Keep an emergency kit in your glove compartment or trunk. Include a cell phone, paper and pen for taking notes, a disposable camera for taking pictures of the scene and the damage to both vehicles, and a medical information card that explains medical conditions or allergies.
  • Act safely and responsibly at the scene of the crash.
  • Exit your vehicle safely or remain in your vehicle if it’s unsafe to leave.
  • Move your vehicle from a busy intersection or unsafe position in the roadway.
  • Turn on your flashers.
  • Call the police, unless the property damage is minor and there are no injuries.
  • If you are injured, do not move.
  • Do not refuse medical treatment. If you are in pain or if you have a serious injury and an ambulance is offered, go to the emergency room.
  • Remain calm.

Obtain and exchange information:

  • Information about the other driver: name, address, drivers’ license number, insurance information, and license plate number.
  • Information about witnesses: name, address, and whenever possible, their license plate numbers.
  • Information about police officers: obtain the name, badge number, and precinct number of the investigating office and request the case control number or accident report number.
  • Information about the location: precisely determine the address or location of the crash scene and note information about traffic, weather, and rode conditions. If the configuration of the roadway played a factor, note that information as well.
  • Information about the accident: write down how the accident happened including fault, layout of the roadway, presence of traffic control devices, etc.
  • Return to the scene to collect additional information
  • Take photos of the scene and be sure to include the presence of debris or skid marks.
  • Canvas the area to find out if nearby residents or business people witnessed the crash
Our car accident lawyers care about our clients

As a boutique law firm, we care about our clients and work diligently to give them individualized attention. We have big goals and set a high standard for ourselves, so you can achieve your goals. Our car accident attorneys work with injured people throughout Minnesota.
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